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Teaching Friendship to wayward ponies isn't easy, but neither is cage fighting!

There's a surprising amount of overlap in those required skill sets...

Happy last day of Ponies, at least for a while.  I want to thank EVERYONE and EVERY FAN for hanging out with me for another season of Saturdays- and beyond!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support, kindness and enthusiasm for tiny horses and their technicolor adventures.  I appreciate being a part of this fandom and counting so many amazing,  creative and passionate folks as my friends!  <3

I'll, of course, still be around between seasons- and I'll be able to attend a few conventions this year too so hopefully I'll be able to meet you and hang out live an in person.

Till then, be well, have fun, and remember- FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC...and very infrequently covered in spiders!
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Ironically, Starlight and Trixie quickly became best friends.

With the look on twilight's face in the first panel of starlight glimmer using a permanment marker to write something on Trixie's forehead when by chance she had to use the washroom as she found out of the markings while looking in the mirror above the sinks.

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I guess Sunset already graduated.
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Accurate label
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Starlight, if you don't stop misbehaving, I'm bringing back this kid to this school
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Faved for the South Park reference.
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Hilarious in hindsight much?
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Aww but they're friends... now
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Underpants gnomes reference?
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I like that taco picture...
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something like that is gonna happen in the next episode
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This is awesome! XD
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Trixie is worst pony!
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"No Second Prances..." WTF you predicted the future. :O
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I could just see the Janet Jackson reference at this point..
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cant wait for the mlp episode with these  3 ponies ^^
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bro you some kind of wizard, man.
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season6 in Nutshell
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