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Voting Day at the Ponyville Polls

It's chaos as usual at the Ponyville polls as everyone is anxious to drink the election season away!  Trixie is wearing proper safety gear in case of hanging chads OR impromptu vegetable throwing. 

Meanwhile, pigtails are all the fashion rage throughout Equestria...
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karkovice1's avatar
Sorry, Ms. Harshwhinney, but the toast won. =P
jyroman53's avatar
Vote for toast ! Because Toast toasts toasts !
BB-K's avatar
Get out & vote for the ruling figure for Ponyville!
Tim-Kangaroo's avatar
She's got MY vote!
Breaking news
Even though Ponyville voted for Twilight Sparkle. Everywhere else in Equestria voted for an OC alicorn that was least favorited. Sparkle conceded and accepted her defeat. Harswhinny's majority had projected her to win but she did not enough votes. Sparkle will face trials and will be questioned for the scandals she tried to avoid. The majority of her supporters hope that she does not get thrown in the dungeon. For Ponyville, Toast wins. This is the greatest upset ion Equestria history.
Zorbonaut's avatar
omg, the Hillary resemblance is uncanny.
BB-K's avatar
OUCH! How can I didn't see that coming. :XD:
AspiePie's avatar
Canz weez drink bleaches now!
Sonicrules831's avatar
Harshwhinny for president!
tigreanpony's avatar
This is very cute, really nicely done.
OnTheMountainTop's avatar
You forgot the brownies. Election disappointments are best rectified with large brownies on hand.
Pony4Koma's avatar
I would totally vote for her.
I'd vote for Eric Andre. Surrender your Tinders, kids..... >8)
templar127's avatar
I'd vote for Toast for president! XD
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leadfoot9's avatar
Crap, I forgot to vote Harshwhinny. You done dropped the ball on your ad campaign, Pixelkitties.

I honest-to-goodness wrote-in Twilight Sparkle for PA Attorney General, though.
BoneSatellite's avatar
Looks like I'm gonna have to knock back a few Mikes before I go vote. I had better walk there.
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
I misread "chads"
SFaccountant's avatar
I like Toast's proposition for negotiations with YakYakistan rather than sanctions, but that tax plan is pure hay.
zenitraMsj's avatar
WA, I laft to SOBER to vote, how’s bout just a little TOSTED? HAHAHAHA, I made a funny.
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