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Victorian Marshmallow

Happy 2016!  

Sorry I've been absent, been working on lots of stuff but very little of it post-able.  You'll definitely be seeing it though (or in some cases, have seen it already in the stores!)

Hope everyone had a merry and bright holiday and that 2016 is shaping up to be your best year ever...even if you didn't win the Powerball lottery.  OR especially if you did!

Here's a marshmallow horse dressed up for a day at the races.  Which begs the question, what exactly would horses race if they're not racing horses?
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Couldn't help but think of Missy from Doctor Who.
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I think she could pull this look off in the show.
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She's beautiful in that dress.
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And they do race horses. Rarity went to a horse race by the Wonderbolts in Canterlot one time. :D
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Ow...My black, stone heart...It's melting...

Hurm...If I'm not mistaken, I think they have shown what racetracks are like in Equestria.  If I'm correct, they went with the pretty disappointing option that the racers are just horses like everyone else...Which would be like betting on the Olympics, I guess.
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Best marshmallow.
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wow beautiful =)=)=)<3
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Fabulous as always!
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That looks like something Pinkie Pie would wear. =P

"Which begs the question, what exactly would horses race if they're not racing horses?"

It's probably like a regular Track And Field day for us. :)
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 Quite dapper, I must say. Napstablook icon.
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A fellow napstablook fan ;v;
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The fanciest Marshmallow in Victorian Neighdon. They could race human track stars!
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Gerbils, they would race gerbils
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Reminds me of Downton Abbey.
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Ponies race humans, obviously. It's a huge gambling industry in Equestria.
There are pony races too, of course, but in those cases it's considered an athletic event, and for some reason betting on it is frowned upon.
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Humans indeed!

Rarity here just put 512 bit down on Mr Usain Bolt!
(Humans have such weird names...)
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Early forms of human racing had small ponies actually riding atop the humans, but the creatures seemed to resent it, for some reason. Worse, their long and shockingly dexterous arms enabled them to unseat and attack ponies riding on their shoulders.
Eventually an alternative system was established in which the human races were done without jockeys, but simply guided by a single Twinkie moved along a track rail at high speed.
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Lovely Rarity.
Excellent art, PK.
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