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Undercover Karate Ducks

Anglobeth, Brittania and Launchpad infiltrate a spooky private school where the student bodies are piling up!
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remind me of dc super hero girls where supergirl and batgirl goes undercover in Katanna school to go after ghost silver banchee

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They look less like martial artists and more like they're going to a British boarding school.

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Launchpad dose´t need no weapon.

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Charlie: Good Morning, Angels.
Anglobeth, Brittania and Launchpad: Good Morning, Charlie!

I couldn't resist upon seeing this pic! :giggle: Now with the recent 'Friendship Hates Magic' episode I'm imagining a certain Ghostbusters re-enactment (since apparently Violet is based on Egon Spengler)...

Webby: DO!
Lena: RE!
Violet: VIOLET!
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They all look adorable!
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"You're so proud of your clandestine karate ducks
After losing the mirror doing pop-and-lock
From the junk shop to the truck stop
To the big, big top!..."

"...Three rules from your Sensei..."
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Darkwing would not approve.
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Ah... An OTP and a Launchpad. :)
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OMG they look amazing!! ❤️💜
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Launchpad has been practicing for this moment by racing out the McDuck Mansion with a piece of toast in his beak.
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Launchpad, da best of em all =p
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I think all 3 of them are rocking that school uniform. Great job
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Launchpad should be doing the sailor moon pose, the one she strikes after she finishes transforming.
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Launchpad rocks the kilt.
Kim Possible, Mabel Pines and now Webigail Vanderquack...  let's face it the graphing hook is the ultimate weapon :)
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Just a grappling hook?  Surely this situation calls for a bazooka!
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Huh, can totally buy that Launchpad would pass as a school girl. I mean, you've seen his Donald Duck impersonation. Dude's a master of disguise. 
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I really love lena 
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