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Trixie Week- If You Can't Join 'Em Beat 'Em

Trixie and magical artifacts go together like...well, Trixie and Weeks!  
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expected starlight glimmer to be in image as well when i saw thumbnail
SilverYuno1's avatar
Nice detail with the cutie marks.
DestinyDecade's avatar
RedDoctor2531's avatar
Oh no don't steal my Cutie mark Plz trix
ManaSparks's avatar
I like the stuff in her hair.
ForNoGR's avatar
all this epicness has become tiresome. (JK keep it coming)
ArtemioM05's avatar
Huh, funny. I literally just read a prediction similar to this. Only Trixie will use Starlight to learn the Cutie Mark stealing spell and in the Finale will use it to swap her Cutie Mark for Twilight's and would artificially ascend to an Alicorn after stealing Twilight's destiny.
Helsaabi's avatar
I really like it! :D
AspiePie's avatar
She is great and powerful!
Chiyawa's avatar
Hmm... Am I the only one felt that this Trixie is Queen Chrysalis in disguise? Trixie had been reformed back in season 3.
templar127's avatar
Trixie best pony! XD
sora765's avatar
Chiyawa's avatar
I agree. Trixie just want a spotlight from the stage.
TorturedArtist745's avatar
The Great and Powerful Trrrrrrrixie will take your Cutie Marks now.
AdanRocks's avatar
I hate Trixie I hope she dies horribly
tigreanpony's avatar
Yes that is definitely Trixie for you.
TooCliched's avatar
Trixie, I wouldn't use that but use it on wheels.
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
Trixie becomes the new Starlight Glimmer, make everypony bow at the Great & Powerful TRIXIE! XD
Empty-bee's avatar
No Trixie, bad pony! Remember what happened with the last artifact—they're even more treacherous that wheels.
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Trixie would have done it better and would have made a greater plot. And at the end of it all people would still LOVE her!
darkc3po's avatar
trixie is very awesome my buddy.
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
You know, I like Trixie's aesthetic, but her voice is so grating. Like Harley Quinn.
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