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Trixie Week- Every Pony is Gay for Trixie

Yeah, it's a shameless repost with some fancier lighting, but it's Trixie Week and everyone needs a reminder that no horse lady is safe from Trixie's magical lesbian charms!
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J.J. Abrams would be proud.
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It's better but hey, I'm cool with it.
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PK, I dunno how I ever stopped looking at any of your stuff, but finding it again is like returning home! It sure does feel good to know that othet people love Trixie as much as I do!
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If this was a comic i would  buy it.  "trixie magical lesbian charms!"  Start a go fund me lol for it or a patreon
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I've never really liked Trixie. Is there something wrong with me?
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Aww... The Great and Powerful Trixie found her princess.
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"Can you feel the love tonight!"
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*And than Twilight and Trixie had safe sex* Twilight Sparkle 
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Casual, soft, safe sex ;)
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Yes great ship, but also Mauxi is a good one too. Great thing there is a multiverse I can ship them all.
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"I can show you the world, shining shimmering splendid"
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A match made in lesbian horse heaven.
I saw this in the Drawfriend and my immediate thought was YES MORE TWIXIE followed by "Goddang Twixie is a stupid ship" and pondering the nature of my garbage self.
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Gay Trixie loves Twilight, beautiful. XD
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Trixie week? Why not Trixie all day every day? :iconfulloftrixieplz:
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Still love it <3 I'm saving this version as well ^.^
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I won't lie they make a perfect couple
Twilight, you'll never have it as good as you'll have it with Trixie.
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This Picture is so lovely. #niceart 
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This has been another...Trixie moment! ;-)
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Even Twilight Sparkle, it seems. :)
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