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Trixie Consulting Unicorn- A Study In Pinkie



By Celestia's Beard! I started this comic immediately following this week's episode of My Little Pony. Two days later it's finished and I fear I've lost the ability to function in normal society!

This week I've shipped the unholy combination of BBC's Sherlock (again) x Dungeons and Dragons x Pinkie Pie.

BE WARNED! After reading this comic, you may have to make a sanity check.

A sequel to the previous Trixie Consulting Unicorn comic

EDIT- Since every other comment is expressing outrage that the gun being levitated by a magical talking unicorn is functioning incorrectly, I've made a few slight changes. Hopefully this is enough to appease folks and I don't have to do 100 hours of community service for the NRA... =)
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I think I got a nat 1 on my sanity check :dummy: