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Trixie Consulting Unicorn A Problem In Canterlot 1



As a special birthday gift to my wonderful friend :iconstr4yk1tt3n: have another comic featuring The most Great and Powerful sleuth in all of Equestria! The unholy shipping of BBC's Sherlock and MLP must continue!

Things are busy here, so I probably won't have a new episode comic up this weekend. I have a very sick cat cat named Simon who will be going in for surgery. If it's not too much trouble, please keep my kitty in your thoughts.

In happier news I will also be helping with a super-secret and spectacular animation project this AND co-hosting The Bronyville Podcast with Apple Cider this weekend! The amazingly awesome guests will be the amazingly awesome team from Friendship is Witchcraft


Edit- For those who missed the first couple episodes, here's more of Trixie Consulting Unicorn

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You should have our consultant Trixie meet with the actual Sherlock cameo from the show.

Or when Twilight becomes an alicorn.

Trixie: "It's really just more ways for you to humiliate yourself, but with more publicity and more chances of failing more important responsibilities."