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Trendier Than Thou

New Comic, but not from the new episode.  I'm behind on everything right now!  Life has a tendency to catch up and force you to deal with boring adult crap like selling houses or pay your taxes or rig a 3-D model of a wild boar man when rigging and skinning are your least favorite things in the world next to taxes and real estate paperwork.  Sigh.

ANYWAY have a week-late comic!  It's still fresh, I kept it in a zip-lock bag. 
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:iconapplejackmadplz: If I ever see that pony again, I'm bucking him square in the jewels.
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I'll punch him in his smug face for you Applejack.

Hasbro Authority: sorry but we can't let you do that, there are rules that need to be followed. The rules are if the person who are not under contract of Hasbro and try to hurts a character without a permission of the authorities, will be sent to jail.

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Haha I get it. It's an Apple iPod.
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You do 3D modeling?
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i love country music and lol funny Buck Owen and Whinny Nelson when it is Jake Owen and Willy Nelson lol
the PBR completed it. XD
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Gahaha! I watched this episode! Sooooooooo funny, your comic!
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XD Of course that would happen XD Great job on the comic! I can't wait to see more! ^^
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Wouldn't it be 'Trendier Than Thee'? :P
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Why is AJ still all done up?
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Trying to act like Rarity.
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Oh, ugh. Read that wrong. I hate it when that happens. I don't know either. lol
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A season 4 episode. No more spoilers.
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The starbucks cup was the detail that made me laugh the most XD, lovely comic!
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First I thought you were posting spam and I was like "Oh hell nooooo"

But, yeah, people need to lay off that spam crap.

And only use this spam. :iconspam-plz: :meow:

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I love your Applejack drawings in this comic.
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