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This is going to be a busy week and weekend with various responsibilities, so I'm going ahead and releasing this comic a little early!

Several people have commented on my Derp of the Moon comic and asked "Just what are TransFarmers and why is Applejack so keen on seeing them?"

I resolved to answer that burning question. My deepest apologies to Megatron.
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Decepticon: And another thing can you please put on pants or some thing when you ride me? I don’t appreciate getting butt crack sweat all over my back.

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This is amazing! You should really do more transformers like this :D
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This is brilliant
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impossible, the apple clan is proudly luddite.
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That poor Decepticon! rofl 
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But he's wearing the Decepticon symbol
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Oh, hi AJ. And... I'm sorry. I don't know you're name, so hi Decepticon! You should go see Jetfire in CLoudsdale... wait, nevermind, you can't fly. 
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Is that Barricade? :)
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no this is patrick!
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I'm sure Megatron appreciates the comic.  After all, he does watercolors of Rainbow Dash on Pluto! :D (Big Grin) 
that is a Decepticon why is it helping?
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Even Decepticons can't resist the country charms of Apple Pony!
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Weird how the 8 foot mechanized toy for boys is being bossed around by the 3 foot soft and cute toy for girls. I guess the battle of the sexes is over. We lost.
watch Death Battle Starscream vs Rainbow dash on youtube then you'll understand......hopefully
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I did. Before I saw this pic, actually. I totally support the out come (mostly because Starscream never wins) but still find this odd.
then let me explain Rainbow Dash is a pegasus and killed Starscream being a pony Apple Jack is stronger so the Decepticons think that she could kill them easier. If only they thought about what RD has that AJ doesn't like speed, flight and the sonic rainboom
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Wait...we still have one more weapon...bring in The AvengePonies
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Behold the fate of Shrapnel...
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Community service is a bitch!
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