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Tiny. Toon. Loony.

I'm officially done with conventions and pony art for a few months, so I'm able to work on other stuff, including lots of Tiny Toons art!  I wanted a BG for an image that showed, literally, a different side of Acme Looniversity.  Most of the time, we just see the front steps, but I wanted something a bit more park-like.  I found one tiny, itty bitty screen shot so I used that as a reference to make this! 

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Seriously, who would not want to go to a school where Bugs Bunny is the Principal?
I wish they could make not a reboot but a new sequel of the most amazing animated series ever. Who agrees with me?
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Ah, back to school... a Kick Me Sign? Clever! :giggle:
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Awesome and funny did bugs put that there
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Must resist urge to few almost lost it there.
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Kick Me!' on the back of a Daffy Duck statue....yep that is definitely Acme Loo' right there. Nice work overall.

Oh, I got my hands on a Tiny Toons Summer Vacation DVD, it's as funny as I remember it =p
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Always liked how this school was laid out :)
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Yay! My favorite university.
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Pretty cool. Love the kick me sign on the Daffy statue. XD
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Haha, I guess even a statue, Daffy gets no respect
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Alas, we never did see any of them get their Toon degrees.
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The kick me is a nice touch 
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Good job adding some details.
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since there is a lot of the old shows getting reboots (not just talking about MLP) but the likes of Ducktales (Seriously GET DARKWING DUCK BACK!!) ahem....and The Raccoons ect do you think the Tiny Toons would get a 21st centenary make over?
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It's Looney with a E. Pixel.
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