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They're coming to get you, Fluttershy!

Next in the series of Nightmare Nights extras, here's Fluttershy and Angel Bunny dressed as Barbara and her ignorant brother Johnny from the 1968 original Night of the Living Dead!

Minor Edit- Forgot Angel's left whiskers!  D'oh!
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Huh, she’s taking it better then I thought.

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Amazing job! I love how you put Fluttershy as Barbara and Angel Bunny as Johnny!💖 Fits perfect!😉
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rip george romero
PacificGreen's avatar
Angel Bunny be super cute here.
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i remember that movie. i hate zombies. yet i play tellltale's walking dead and tlou.
AdagioDazzle13's avatar
The zombies shall murder her!
Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
darkwarrior's avatar
Love it. Although, for minute there I was thinking of the old Michael Jackson video Thriller.
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Great design and great inspiration!  Too bad you couldn't squeeze in a pony as the first zombie (The one who attacks and kills Johnny).
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The best thing about this is that knowing the characters, Angel will die almost immediately.
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She'll be more shocked when she finds out the movie is actually about Zecora.
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The original was so much better than the remake. The movie, I mean.
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Welp hope she has a better fate then the character did in that movie (unless were going by the 1990's ver, LOL).
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why does angel looks like John Oliver? maybe it's hair? tie?
AspiePie's avatar
Angel is gonna die right at the beginning!
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
Bunny Emoji-19 [V1] -They're coming to get you Barbara.
STOP IT JOHNNY!-Fluttershy bothered sprite 
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That is very cool, nicely done.
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Oh thank god I read the description... I thought its Scoobie's Daphne! And wanted to criticize the idea. Dont know why...
Very fine job anyway!
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Aw this is too perfect! Absolutely one of my favorite movies :-D
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I get this reference!  I saw that movie!  Fluttershy looks great, and Angel is funny lookin'!
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Last summer, when my cousin invited me to come with him to Pittsburgh, we ended up taking a side trip up to Evans City, seeing both the Night of the Living Dead Museum there, and the original cemetary. He's always been into the horror film genre, and is an aspiring actor (he's been in some local low-budget films, and been an extra in a few of the larger films shot in Michigan).
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