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The Pinkie Promise

By PixelKitties
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UPDATE- Thank you to EVERYONE for the outpouring of kindness and generosity.  Thanks most of all to the winners of the auctions.  Together we raised over $3000 for Michael.  Thanks also to Buttons, Rhyme Scheme, GM Berrow, Andrea Libman, Peter New, Nicole Oliver, Matt Hill, Cathy Weseluck and Ralph at Red Management for the generous donationd of auction items!

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This is so sweet and sad it makes you smile while crying :’)
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This is so sad ;-;
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You know... this pictures does two things to me. It is really sad and it makes me feel even more horrible for that boy (by the way, have those bullies get their eyes bitten off), but on the other hand... the other MAJOR hand, this picture makes me fucking happy.

You know why?

Because when it comes down to the Bronies and Anti-bronies, among many of those detestable fucking wastes of human shit contributing to nothing other than attacking each other and making the hell out of most social places, there are those pure golden hearts like you who actually do their best to make eachother as happy as can be, and in Pinkie Pie's own words "make everyone smile". And among all this, do everything for a tormented young boy to make him smile again...

Did I tell you how much I fucking love you for that?! And I refer to ALL of you pure hearted bronies.
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I couldn't put that any differently myself. Glad to see someone else thinks no less different of it.
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Great to see SOMEONE agree with me to begin with.
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hey i saw pinkie turn gray? it is?
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... some things even my sub-orbital hug laser can't fix. O.O
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reminds me of that "orbital Friendship cannon" gag in a fan-story.
(the Elements of Harmony)
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el final fue el mas triste
le deseo lo mejor para michael desde mexico :happybounce: 
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last slide is very sad.
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Love the addition of Cheese Sandwich...and it's very touching.

...Despite the whole complaints, this is the part of the fandom that sticks out.
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cheese sandwich is best pony
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i havent heard of this what happened?! D:
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A little boy tried to commit suicide because he was being bullied for liking MLP. 
Juliet-W-42's avatar
thats horrible!
i really hate how people cant just learn to get along... like, if someone simply has a different opinion, it makes me upset that some people express their opinion in a mean way, and that ends up hurting someone. i mean c'mon, we're all different!

is he doing okay? my prayers go out to him. ;-;
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I think that he's still in the hospital but he's awake now.
He should be fine as long as he keeps on working on recovering.
I do pray for him every once in a while when he comes to my thoughts,
I really do hope he's okay in the end.
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what happend With Him?

a Boy fell 15 meters and Survived in norway
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I loved that part from the comic- the huge pinkie costume
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