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The Last Princess Dress

Everyone wants their own copy of Rarity's Twilight-inspired Reign In Stain dress.  EVERYONE.

Finally catching up in the latter S5 episodes.  Watched Canterlot Boutique at work yesterday and loved every minute!  A really fantastic, S1-feeling episode, and the best Rarity episode since Suited for Success.  

Also, that pony at the end nearly killed me!

Really, the episode was only missing one thing- The best Princess of all!
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XD. Nice one. After having seen Big Mac already dress as Orchard Blossom in "Brotherhooves Social", I think he'd also look good in that other dress! I wonder what Sugar Belle would think of it! XD.

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Just like he always wanted!
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Sweet dress, Big Mac! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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"Brotherhooves Social was mistake"
-Lauren Faust
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She never said that and she left the show. 😂
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Big Mac is NOT a girl
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We know he isn't. Are you saying only girls can wear dresses? How sexist of you. 
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Technically, Brotherhooves social also said that, by saying it's stupid for a man to do anything feminine.
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Its a joke, due to the "Princess Big Mac"
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Big Mac is looking fabulous.
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Cousin Orchard Blossom rocks the princess dress well!
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I wonder how the changelings will react if they fine out all Canterlot ponies are dressed in 'The Princess Dress' XD
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Oh come on Rarity! BigMac looks greate and you know it.

Very nice drawing.
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Orchard Blossom: Well, ah do declare! This here princess dress makes me feel like a right proper alicorn princess! Amirite, y'all?

Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plz : Big Mac? Is... is that you?

Big Mackintosh : (behind Rarity) Nnnnope.

Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plz : (even more shocked) What? What the? Two Big Macs? What in the name of fashion faux pas is going on?

Orchard Blossom: This here's mah cousin Big Mac from Ponyville, Miss Rarity. Looks a lot like yours truly, h'm? Why, ah cain't tell him from mahself in a mirror reflection of mah own stout physique.

Rarity (Puppy Dog Eyes) Plz : (shaking) And, I assume you... are Cousin Orchard Blossom?

Big Mackintosh : Eeeyup.

Sweetie Belle not amused sprite : She looks like Big Mac in a dress.

Rarity (Angry) Plz : SWEETIE BELLE!

Sweetie Belle not amused sprite : Well, she does! (to Big Mac) So that's where you got that crazy idea for the last Sisterhooves Social.

Big Mackintosh : Eeeyup.

Sweetie Belle not amused sprite : It looks better on her than on you.

Big Mackintosh : (laughing) Eeyup!
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There must have been a triple XL in the back room, you wear it so well BIG Mac...
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Ah am a prettyful princess.
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I should probably be arrested for liking this so much.
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absolutely disgusting, i can't believe you'd even endorse this.

That dress does NOT go with his coat. someone get this stallion a cadance dress!
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