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The Harshwhinny Administration

Sorry I've been away from DA forever and ever! I hope everyone around these here parts are doing well and continuing to pursue amazing artistic artistry!
One of my many, many, many side projects has been campaigning as Ms Harshwhinny on Twitter.  It's been tremendous fun to gently mock the US political establishment with cartoon horses.  At this point, I have Ms H installed as the new and tremendously unprepared mayor of Ponyville.  If you're interested in following her exploits, I'm hosting on a seperate twitter account than my pixelkitties one-  As an added incentive, I'm giving away free prints as a giveaway for every 100 registered, followers!

For now, here's a behind-the-scenes look at the fine-tuned machine that is the Harshwhinny Administration, including Vice Mayor Chrysalis, Press Secretary Spoiled Rich and Secretary of Religion Black Phillip!

Sorry life and stuff keep me so busy.  I never, ever want to give the impression that the folks I know and am friends with here on DA aren't important.  It's just that juggling social networks, work, family, work, friends all gets a bit overwhelming.  Alas, something has to give, and usually it's posting horse art online

I do hope all of you are doing fantastic!  Take care and I'll try to be less of a terrible friend! <3
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Chrysalis as Shaun spicer? I can see it now
reporter: what do you have to say about the rumors that the mayor is ineffective
chrysalis: *sprays him with fire extinguisher* any other questions
other reporter: are you sure you know what you're doing
chrysalis:*growl* (podium starts moving into the crowd like a Segway running into people)
crowd: AAAAHHH!!!