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The Devil Maud Me Do It

Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor today, I can tell you!

Maude Pie is best Pie!  Well, okay, maybe not best Pie, but definitely Best Rock Expert Arbitar of Ancient Evil Gods Pie.
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"Eustace--Eustace, what were you thinking?  Tell us quickly!"


"My lord Caspian--look!"

"Aslan preserve us!--what is this 'Man of the Marsh-Mallows Which Stay Puff'd?' "

"...I never thought he'd come back to destroy us!"
C: Why is there Whiskey on my head?
She reminds me of DC's Raven in this, it's helped by Maud's colour scheme...
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hi There! Why is everypony acting like theyre happy to see the pony who left leave?
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I keep forgetting to profess my love for this comic.
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maud has found the fanfics
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Ouch. Poor Scootaloo. That usually ends up in third-degree burns. Then again...
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Deep fried chicken!
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:iconchatterbeast: :iconsaysplz: Can I say something for a sec, Twilight? :iconsaysendplz:
:icontwilitesparkleplz: :iconsaysplz: Sure, what is it? :iconsaysendplz:
:iconchatterbeast: :iconsaysplz: Language. :iconsaysendplz:
:icontwilightblushplz: :iconsaysplz: Oh yeah... Sorry Trixie. :iconsaysendplz:
:icontrixieslyplz: :iconsaysplz: Apology accepted. :iconsaysendplz:

Seriously though, who knew a princess would have such color in her vocabulary.
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Celestia's expression in the last panel though
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Funny... yet too evil for my tastes.
Damn. Maud is so badass for no reason.
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You did WHAT to Scootaloo?!
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It's okay, chicken is meant to be fried!
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I like Scootaloo. :(
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Me too, (*crunch*) chicken of the Equestrians, I'll say!
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Scootaloo's right here, safe and sound.
:iconscootalooplz:: Yeah, what's your deal?
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Time to call the paranormal investigators... 
:icontwilightwhatplz: ...
:iconmaudpieplz: Seriously.  It will never get past the censors.
:icontwilightomfgplz: ...
:iconcelestiaorlyplz: Should I be scared?
:iconmaudpieplz: Yes.
:iconcelestiawtfplz: Oh boy.
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Isn't Trixie reformed like she is supposed to since Magic Duals?
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The Pony In Yellow drives all who read it mad.  Except for Fluffle Puff.  She is protected by her faith in the RED MARKER...
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