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The Crystal Throne

If you think this has a happy ending, you're probably right.

Another poster for Trotcon and other conventions this year.
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can i get a link to just the throne

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Cadence is looking awesome on that throne.
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You know nothing Jon Snow.
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Still not as awesome as the Iron Throne. But I love it. I'd take Cadance over that cunt Circe any day.
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Here come ponies galore, and some plot
Okay to be fair there's way more plot

If you see an OC with no name
Just invent one! Just invent one! Just invent one!
Hope you weren't expecting, a season arc
Hasbro vetoed! Hasbro vetoed! Hasbro vetoed!

Don't get too attached to some fannon
Its unlikely! Its unlikely! Its unlikely!
Though take a pinch of salt with show cannon
'Cause it's silly! 'Cause it's silly! 'Cause it's silly!

Deeeeeeeeee Ahhhhhhhhh Exxxxxxxx
Animate the show that we love
Weeeeee neeeeeeed mooooreee PLOT!
V-As, sketch artists, music writers
We need more plot!
Make it faster!
Make it Faster!
Make it faster!
Make it faster!
Make it Faster!
Make it faster!
Make it faster!
Make it Faster!…
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The Cristal Throne is mine by Right 
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Girl's got Princess swagger!

This would make one Hell of a Yu-Gi-Oh card (granted it would have to be cropped).
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Brace yourself, friendship is coming.
RainbowDashie41's avatar
Brace yourself Badass Princess is coming
Screw Luna Cadence is the best  
MLPegasis4898's avatar
That crystal throne must be really uncomfortable... :O :O :O
Naty-Pie12-12's avatar
this is a parody of A Song Of Ice And Fire?
PencilPonies's avatar
The moon remembers.
StreaksPsyche's avatar

Lookie whose ruling. Shwang!
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awesome work!you should do luna and celestia versions too
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Crystal is coming
ChrisSawyerArt's avatar
I adore your art! :)
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Is it possible to see the one with Sombra? It is his throne after all.
Drawincat's avatar
I don't really like princess Cadence, I think she's one of the most useless ponies... But it's a beautiful work!
KeybladeKnight99's avatar
When you play the game of ponies, you win, or get thrown like a spear by your husband.
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Cadence: Brace yourselves... Winter is comming.

Guard: Hum, your majesty... we're at the north pole. It's always winter.

Cadence: Oh... right...
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"Game of Hooves" anyone??
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*sees swords on the throne* I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!! :iconhurrplz:
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