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The Circle of Alicorns

Everything the light touches will fear your freakishly large wings and uncontrollable witchery.
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and then.. he dropped her

hehe I"m not the first to say that am I?

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Yakko: I thought they were suppose to land on their feet.

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not that young!

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Sorry. Thought I make that Animaniacs reference.

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I'm a fan but that went right over my head hehe

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It's all cool. I just thought of that joke on the fly.

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Yeah, my apologies for it. 😅

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Ninja storm ranger form ha! Dino thunder power up ha! SPD emergency! Magical source mystic force! Kick into overdrive! Jungle beasts spirits unleashed!! Rpm get in gear!!! R.I.P. Disney era power rangers

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This isn't the part where she blows up the sun.
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WHOO! Flurry Heart the next awesome princess! X3
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'What about that shadowy place?"
"That's where Sombra was blown up. You must never go there, Flurry."
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Well at least if spike drops her she can fly.
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Nice work. How's things going?
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Me: Hey, if this is the Circle of Alicorns, then why is Shining Armor up there?

Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter <I have no idea! This is a Internet-posted web picture, after all!

Notice: Fourth Wall Breaking. And cupcakes.
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:iconshiningarmorplz: : Shouldn't Spike be a bit more careful with Flurry.

Princess Cadence Please No! : As long as he don't throw her like a spear, she'll be fine. Right?

:iconshiningarmorplz: : Yeah? Wait, hey!! I only did that once.
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I thought of this cast:

Pony Shinning Armor Smirk Emoticon.Sexy simba icon 
Princess Cadance (Smile Widely)Pretty nala icon 
Princess Flurry HeartKiara eye smile 
Thorax IconKovu icon 
Queen Chrysalis's smileZira icon 
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