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The Brightest Light Casts The Darkest Shadow

East Side?  West Side?  DARK SIDE!

I don't know about you scruffy nerfherders but I am SO PUMPED for this weekend!  Seriously, It's like Christmas and Jewish Christmas and Birthday Christmas all rolled into one...if they were a movie!

Seriously, you guys, Sisters starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is going to be the GREATEST MOVIE EVER!

PS- WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?  Get off the internet!  There are spoilers everywhere!  Crawl inside a TonTon until the movie is out!
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Somepony needs to make a Daybreaker version of this!
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Le me being an nerd: "that is not true, it really depends on the reflectiveness of the surrounding."
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Welcome to the dark side Celestia!
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Still a better design than Snoke.

... Seriously, he's just an uglier emperor. What's the point of even making him motion captured if you're not going to DO anything with it?
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Well, with everyone saying Snoke is Vader or Snoke is Palpatine, I'm one to throw my hat in and say "Shut up already!" and admire this beautiful Sith Celestia
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I'm anxious to see that new Darth Vader character that has the light saber that looks like a broadsword. :)
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Celestia is now on the Dark side, very sinister. :D
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For the sake of nostalgia regarding your comments......"It's a trap!"  =p
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Lol, well I will be going to see it tomorrow.
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She's got that look in her eyes... :devilish:
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GAH! Love this!!! Thank you, Pixel!!
It's only an illusion made by our mind that brightest light casts the darkest shadow. In reality the shadow is less dark in brighter light.
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Finally, Celestia shows her true colors.

Also, you forgot about Black Christmas.
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So Celestia was one of the Sith all along. Now everything makes perfect sense.
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The Empire!!!CURSE YOU! Darth vader peixl icon 
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Type H for Hype
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You like TonTon references? You should see a Western called Seraphim Falls.
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Oh you did a great job with this, I hope you do more!
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