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The Bats and the Bees

By PixelKitties
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Who had delicious tacos for lunch AND finished her Super Best Friends Forever comic?

*motions at tacos*

Thanks :iconfyre-flye: for making an amazingly awesome and inspiring new series!

Edit- Huzzah! Comic featured on the website i09! [link]
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Throw the newbie off the building. Throw the newbie off the building.

But, seriously though this is very good and absolutely hilarious.

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OMG Poor Batwoman! Great comic!
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XD I was looking for this comic.
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The thing you find while not looking.
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I was checking out this comic again for laughs, checked out that linked, and immediately saw a headline about 10 dead bodies in Benjamin Franklin's basement.
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Batman doesn't believe in God, God believes IN Batman
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what is he, Chuck Norris now?
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And you'll never see that on DC Nation, and possibly not for the reasons you'd think.
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totally going to make an effort to use that one day.
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I can NOT blame Batwoman. I really can't. She's also one of my favorite characters in DC. She's an asskicking, crime-fighting lesbian and I love heroes like that. I just only wish the DC management can be able to treat her right unlike other characters. :(

Very well done.
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Great work, but I never could truly like Faust's "Pinkie Pie" Batgirl.
RiderB0y's avatar
ahhh Barbara.... so much to learn... >w>
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Kate is amazing, she needs her own movie
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Oh Barbara:D. Nice comic, Barbara is so innocently funny.
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:iconbarbaragordonplz: + :iconharleyquinnplz: AND/OR :iconpinkiepieplz:=THIS. I love it!
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Oh man, now I wanna see Batwoman guest star in an actual SBFF short.
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Kate: "I MEAN, I'm currently dating The Question."

Barb: "What does your religion have to do with dating Charles Sage?"

Kate: "The CURRENT Question; Charles retired a year ago" (doesn't have the heart to tell her he died of cancer)

Barb: "But the current Question is a-"

Barb: "...OHHHH..."
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I thought it was VIC Sage...
Red-Rum-18's avatar
His full name is Charles Victor Sage
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Acording to DC Comics Database, his birth name is Charles Victor SZazs (no relation to an obscure Batman villain), but he uses the pseudonym Victor Sage.
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