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Tara Strong Autograph Card Babscon

By PixelKitties
Happy Saturday, have another autograph card thingy for Babscon 2014!  This time it's for Tara Strong and that's a huge, kaiju-sized, super-exciting first for me!  I've had a fangirl-crush on Tara as far back as Batman The Animated Series, so getting to make art for her is already one of the highlights of this convention season!  

For this one I wanted to combine two of the best things ever- Princess Book Horse and Nic Cage from The Rock!  

Hopefully someone can get Tara to say "Losers always whine about their best.  Winners go home and study with Princess Celestia!"
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Found this in my closet today and remembered you made the art and now i must find a frame haha-- i totally forgot i had this 😭💖

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cute card. kinda wish i had a print when i  meet her. 
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Ah, The Rock... good times... and clearly memorable enough to immediately recognize nasty-green-globes-of-death even after 23 years

And also its music
brandonthebeast34's avatar
lol she  signed mine  at bronycon brandonthebeast34.deviantart.c…  Thank for making it :)
SeaWalkerPony's avatar
OmigoshOmigosh this is one of my favourite films, yay! :)
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The Rock whit Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage! Grate movie :D
Amazing job! 
RedFire11's avatar
The Rock! Michael Bay forever! :D
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yey cool MLP Meets The Rock!! Twilie as Nic Cage :la: The Parasprites as the Chemical. Absolutely great. Better cant your idea- Love it 
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While I'm not a big fan of Nicholas Cage, I absolutely loved that movie.  This is amazing work and you really captured the scene beautifully.
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Listen, I think we got off on the wrong hoof. Twilight Sparkle, Alicorn. Uh, let's talk music. Do you like the Elton John song "Rocket Man"?
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gotta love The rock great movie
ZacBucklin's avatar
Nuclear Parasprites?! That can't be good. :o
TheNightmareAuthor's avatar
I can't begin to say how awesome that looks!!
TomFraggle's avatar
AnimationCrazed's avatar
When s Twilight ever an Alicorn?
xXKimberIsAwesomeXx's avatar
Sence like, the ending of season 3.
AnimationCrazed's avatar
Oh. I only watched 3 episodes...
new-math1z's avatar
i remember these movie O.O
DarthWill3's avatar
Impressive... Most impressive.
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