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Starlight Glimmer: Cutie Mark Exterminator

She's the exterminator.  Someone saw a cockroach cutie mark up on twelve.
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do you take requests?

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"I shall free you all of the evil mind control butt tattoos!" 
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"Oh, Starlight, don't be so salty about those magical butt tattoos!"

--Tim Burton being unsure of what to call Cutie Marks, my story 'A Stayne of Salt'

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Doesn't seem much in the spirit of ponyvill but okay...
LightReading2's avatar
like the COCKOACH MARK UP ON TWELVE bit as it remnid me of the line from 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS when they got into hotel elevator.
MaidenofUnderland666's avatar

......that's what it's supposed to be

Starlight... Give those back... Please...
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
"Someone saw a cockroach cutie mark up on Twelve."

Classic Ghostbusters
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Trying to figure out what that cat cutie mark is
lonewolf3878's avatar
She took Sonata's?

*Cocks shotgun*
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Sonata Dusk Poker Face: My Cutie Mark!
Sonata Dusk EqG (Wha-What did I say?): Oh wait! Siren's don't have Cutie Marks.
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im not okay with this. DESTINY MARKS AND STUFF!
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>tfw in fanon starlight glimmer is still a marxist
i am more than okay with this
Sparx24488's avatar
-.- im going to kill her..
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Smug Starlight is best Starlight.
AspiePie's avatar
Best evil Communist!
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jo starlight can I buy you a cutie mark Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
Wertyla's avatar
A cat cutie mark!! Suddenly that sounds like a great idea.
Star-of-Twilight's avatar
Wonderful references!
Blayaden's avatar
Maybe she can exterminate all those outlandish Mary Sue OC ponies. XD
lordcurly972's avatar
Must be some cockroach. :D
MaidenofUnderland666's avatar

"Bite your head off!"

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