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Siren's Call Card



Yesterday the MLP Collectible Card Game announced this here fancy new card featuring everyone's favorite EQG Taco queen, Sonata Dusk!  Here's a better look at the details (also featuring a different version of Sunset's expression)

This card will be a part of the upcoming High Magic expansion full of magic and wonder and magical wondrous ponies!

So for those who have been wondering- 

Yup, the card is real!

Yup Sonata Pony is real and has been Hasbro-cannon since the beginning!

Nope, I have no official reason or explanation why Sonata is a pony and not a Kelpie/Siren/Waterhorse thingie!

Yup Tacos!

Also, this is actually only the first of a few different pieces of official Sonata Pony merchandise I've designed.  More to come soon!

Edit- I should also point out I have nothing to do with nor any input on the card name, mechanics or flavor text!  Sorry!
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Friday the 13th game! Perfect for Button Mash to play and be traumatized!