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Shakespeare in the Everfree

Forsooth! Fret not, friend AppleThor! Thy drapes are fine and of brilliant hue!

PS- Twilight IS Twilight Starkle. Rainbow Dash is not Iron Mare, she is Captain Equestria. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong and possibly a Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. =)

Also, Okey Doki Loki. It's obvious!
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Now that’s cosplay.
Beth-B-Free's avatar
This just freaking made my day.
Miko-The-Fox's avatar
Pinke y u no be good Thor's brother? Wait, he only has an evil one. .----. *confused rage*
ZacBucklin's avatar
Brilliant! Cut, print, roll the tape, we're done.
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
I really cant see twi as iron stallion, cause iron mans to much of a douche Imo...

But I'm also not a Chud... but now that you mention it i wonder who caught that...
ShinGallon's avatar
Very nice, I love AJ's expression.
jocdpuss's avatar
Cool and funny :D
CapedFox's avatar
pinkie as loki? NOOOOOOOOOO
nut does that mean that i am also like iron man?? this has many meanings...
kittypetro's avatar
I found a comic later that made me smile, where Thor cries and leans on Captain America

Cap: Thor what's wrong?
Thor: I asked my mother and my cape is indeed made by my mother's drapes,*sniff* Please don't tell the man of Iron
HokutoUlrik's avatar
I say that was the best line out of that whole movie.
purplefire1400's avatar
HA, when my freind says that, i die laughing
WeasleFire's avatar
Twalight? I have a bucking Hamma ya' know?
Shadowhand13's avatar
lol Okie Dokie Loki
spottedzebra1013's avatar
I like this a lot. I'm glad to see someone else understands that the pony to be Tony Stark would have to also be intelligent. Though I have to say Iron Mare is more appropriate of I name I think.
SchwarzerRitter's avatar
Twilight looks like she is about to shoot her head off.
GhostWolfHybrid's avatar
"doth mother know, you weareth her drapes?"
ahah, yah. love that line!
Octavia-Sandwich's avatar
You are a champion, my friend.
blazewind95's avatar
omg loved that line!!! :icontwilightclapplz:
sliferbenten's avatar
wouldn't RD be Iron man?
MsReddington's avatar
Shouldn't RD be Thor? ouo
sliferbenten's avatar
no, fans have stated that she's more like Iron man than Thor.
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