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Scary Stories To Tell Before Bed

An autograph pic for Andrea Libman and the first of a couple dozen I finished this weekend.  I wanted to do something that referenced Rainbow Rocks but still use the horses we know and love.  Pajamas seemed the perfect solution!  

Pajamas are, incidentally, ALWAYS the perfect solution. 

Also wanted to reference my favorite childhood book and nightmare factory Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!

PS- You want a Pinkie background?  You get a Pinkie background. 

Pinkie Pie's Bedroom by PixelKitties
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Have you seen or are you planning to see the movie of Scary stories ?
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Amazing. Gotta love Pinkie and Flutters
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Shame on you, Pinkie Pie! You of all ponies should know better than to pull pranks on Fluttershy.
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I like how one slipper fell off. Giggle Giggle 
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I LOVE IT!!!!!  I could almost swear this was a scene from the actual show!!  Giga-kawaii and excellent job!!

sometimes it's fun to be scared!!
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pinkie and fluttershy at night
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God, I used to be scared shitless of that book 3:
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Hahahaha!!! :rofl:

Well, Pinkie, if you want to talk about very scary stories, I know one in particular that will give everyone the biggest scare of a lifetime!
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Yay, cool!
More! More ponies!
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oh i heard of that book. i've read it too
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"...and when Applebloom got back to the village, the whole place was destroyed! She saw a dark,
scary pony with glowing, red eyes...and just when she began to run away, zombie ponies rose
from the ground!"


Just imagine how she'd react, if she were told the entire story of "The Story of The Blanks". >X3
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Fluttershy (shock) plz Pinkie
Fluttershy (derping) PLZ what are you doin?
Fluttershy bothered sprite pinkie
Scared Fluttershy stahp!
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This is something I noticed (and you probably did too) in the older version of "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark", as compared to the newer illustrations.  In the new version with the newer illustrations, all the characters are looking at other characters or inspecting some object or just looking towards the side, in a 'profile' pose.  They are confined to their spaces within the book.  In the old version, the illustrated characters sometimes look towards other characters, but many times they will also look directly out at YOU, the reader, breaking the '4th wall'.  They actually engage the reader, visually.  They give the impression that these stories are not at all confined to the book, but are reaching out into the reader's world.  This was something that I didn't consciously realize until my adult years, but it made the drawings even creepier once I did.   

Go ahead.  Try it.  Flip through that old book again.  I know you still have it.  Count how many faces and sets of eyes (or eye sockets) are gazing out at you.   Happy Halloween. 
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nice people of work that I needed to cheer me up
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Lovely drawing :D
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How amusingly cute! There, there, Flutters... (:huggle:s Fluttershy for her comfort)
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both look cute in their pajamas.
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stars stars stars 
          Big Smile! 
:iconfluttershyhappyplz:Saysplz emoticon edditionumm ........ sorry Pinkie
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