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Rock Farm Job Fair

By PixelKitties
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Poor Trixie!  She just wanted to be one of the cool kids in the Equestria Girls sequel.  Now she's stuck with a face tattoo and a lifetime of awkward job interviews. 

I think the less said about that the better. 
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Are we not gonna talk about Suri who's next in line?

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And guess who just got another Scribbler dub?

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Nobody seems to get the joke. The advertised job was "Rock Technician", and based on the attire of the applicants, it's being interpreted as a technician for rock music, not rock farms. That's a major part of the joke.
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Well ok then. XD
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Nice pun in the last panel with Changelings. This is cute.
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Dear lord, it's those Strutz whorses all over again.
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Why is the best band on earth an abbreviation?
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Has anyone realized SIRI is nest in line? From CANTERLOT?!?!
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some pony went broke after losing her assistant XD
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Did...Did Chrysalis dye her wings? XD
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can someone please make a witty joke about equestria rocks and trxie's life on the rock farm?
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Awe poor Trixie just can't catch a break.
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It's not a tattoo; it's makeup
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so her socks have holes at the same place as her legs?
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Who the hell tattoos their own face, and then expects to find tasteful work.
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faving simply because you referenced my favorite band
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Heh, Suri's there too.
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To be frank; I very much enjoy the face tattoo, at least on actual pony Trixie. I find it gives an actual bit of focus towards her face, beings the design of it is nice and matches her usual personality (that of a very good attention grabber).
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lol, I like the face tattoo, and Chrysalis' outfit is AWESOME! XD
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