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Rarity's Legion

This is one of those images I keep going back to and making changes.  I think it's called George Lucas Disease!

Anyway, the cold days of winter always put me in mind of this one, I love the idea of Rarity being a badass military commander- yet still impeccably outfitted.

If you like this image, you can actually get it on shirts, notepads, stickers and all sorts of items here!
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This needs a Latin inscription: "We who salute you think that armor is to die for!"
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That armor is simply fabulous =D
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This is so pretty!
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She looks great, but I wonder how well she fights in that armor. Oh wait, her army will fight for her, never mind.
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Even Alexander had excellent armor! And as a detailed oriented Mare she would be an excellent strategist.
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Very cool, you did great with the armor.
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:iconrainbowdashsaluteplz: The velvet cannons are ready to fire!
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The fashion wars have begun! 
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Gives an Idea for a story
Perhaps Rarity and Twilight doing some History research on Princess Platinum and Clover the Clever
discover some inconsistencies with the history,
they think the easiest solution would be to go back in time and interview Princess Platinum
upon Arrival they discover that Princess Platinum never existed,
and that the passage to the future is closed,
The only Solution, Rarity as Princess Platinum, and Twilight posing as Clover
Must write history, till History is strong enough to re-establish a portal to the future they remember

Twilight would have to dye her coat and hide her wings
Rarity would have to lighten her mane so it would be closer to silver
Maybe they bring Starlight for the adventure too.
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How many times have people joked about cloning Spike to get her army? Surely there's at least one on each revision of this pic.

At least, now there surely is.
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Or is that Ridley Scott Syndrome?
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Sooooo beautiful !!!
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"Go forth, my undead - and might I add fabolously dressed - army!"
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Being fashionably badass.
Excellent art, PK.
Happy holidays.
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Ooo nice! This is really amazing. I love how detailed you made her armor and the blue color scheme for the background is gorgeous!
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Majestic and glamorous (and  belic)
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Being a legion commander requires three important things: A strong discipline, skills in leadership and a great first impression!
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D.R.: 😈 you must be joking?
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I love the armor design, and the way you incorporated the gemstone Spike gave her is a very nice touch!
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The bejeweled commander?
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