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Rainbow Rocks Science Twilight

Hooves or No Hooves? by PixelKitties

There is only one way to resolve the great Hooves/No Hooves debate of our time.

 And it involves those  flawed teleportation pods that turned Jeff Goldblum into Brundlefly. 
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Awesome! Sci-Twi sure looks lovely as a pony in a lab coat!

Weird thing to notice, I think this is the first time I've sent twilight wearing trousers...
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Oh wow, this really does look great ^____^

Hmmm....would it be possible to get permission to put this in a banner? You'll get credit for the vector of course.
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well done, almost like in the show! Amazing :) :) :)
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As I said about the other picture, adorable!  Although I believe a ponified Sci-Twi would just be a unicorn.
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It is possible to get Twilight Sparkle without board? 
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Congratulations! You made Equestria Daily.…

(Again.) Giggle 
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When I saw human Twilight after the credits of rainbow Rocks.. The first question that came to my mind is how can your hair be affected by not having a princess or friends in your life but it's clear that where Pony Twilight is about magic; The human one is about science and with one sentence she changed everything.. No about it there's something strange going on in that school Spike.. Now that we know for a fact there is a human Twilight.. Does that mean there are two Sunsets running around in the same world?.. lol...
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That twilight is the alternate twilight of that movie therefore she knows nothing of equestria but understands that something is up with canterlot high that is weird.
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Forget hooves, how come Anthro-Twlight needs glasses?
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wouldnt twi from the end of the movie be a unicorn because in this world she never moved to work with celestia so she never met the main 6 so she never had the lesons so she never became an alicorn
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The ONLY difference between the two is: One is a pony, the other is a human.
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Nah, Sci Twi isn't Celestia's student, and hasn't saved the world or assembled her own six girl band yet...or has she? :)
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The pony version of Scilight(Science twilight) is supposed to be an unicorn,not an alicorn.
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she looks beautiful
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SO NERDY....yet SO SEXY !!
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