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Rainbow Rocks Queen Chrysallis

By PixelKitties
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It's hard to see a great villain fall into a tragic downward spiral of 75% off clothing sales at Hot Topic.

Had a few requests for this stand-alone of Chryssi from this comic and based on her Rainbow Rocks (apparently) incarnation seen at the New York Toy Fair.
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As nice as this is... It doesn't look like a Rainbow Rocks recreation... It looks too... Fancy... They can't even hold their own crappy theme...
But this still lookes really nice nonetheless, art wise anyway.
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Lookin' good, Chrissy, lookin' good.
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I wonder if she'll be a part of Trixie and the Illusions, along with supposedly Gilda, Flim & Flam, Garble, Suri Polomare and Discord.

And yes, as Trixie's reformation is taboo in Humequestria (that's what I'm calling the human world), I suppose Discord's reformation was too.
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i think this actually looks nice.... 
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o_O" That's worse then the pink derping Celestia toy.
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I don't even know what to say, really... this is just hilarious xD
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On the one hand, the outfit definitely detracts from the dignity and menace of a legitimately threatening character.
On the other hand, it's hilarious. And that's never a bad thing.

Besides, she's a changeling. She can swap that out for something less glamorous in an eyeblink.
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She looks like she got beat by a hot topic store.
mylittlepony4444's avatar
STOP SWEREING! (srry idk how to spell swereing!)
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can someone please explain the rainbow rocks collection to me. all i understand is that it's the MLPs with more color and glitter and shit, but seriously the fuck is it and where did it come from? 
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hehe, i've seen the toys. If Chrysallis ever comes back in FIM she should wear this! :D
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why does she remind me of Stocking from Panty and Stocking? maybe its what I'm thinking.
TheKingOfAhoge's avatar
Well she has stockings ,and purple hair... That could be the reason why.
MissLuckychan29's avatar
I like it... it makes me think of something she'd wear for Fluffle Puff
LeviathanTheGamer's avatar
She's like

"Get me out of this chickenshit outfit now or I'll tear you limb from limb."
scourgefangirlartist's avatar
oh god
i really hope this isnt going to be canon
she looked fine without all that..
Girly goop
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she looks good
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Actually, I'm pretty sure (judging from this video:… ) the toyline this is from is called "Pony Mania", and is going to be this year's Toys 'R' Us exclusive lineup. Rainbow Rocks, this year's Equestria Girls lineup, is a separate thing. But no matter what the product line is called, this Queen Chrysalis and the other pony toys displayed with it are a real trip. I hope these aren't the only Toys 'R' Us exclusive items for the year, as that has previously been one of the best sources of great and (mostly) show-accurate versions of characters who might not show up as brushables otherwise, such as Zecora, Nightmare Moon, Derpy Hooves, and Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash. The Toys 'R' Us exclusives were the main place we could count on the toys not being excessively dolled up and glitzy, but this seems like a complete reversal of that.

Personally, what I'm excited about is the Equestria Girls classic collection, which has the girls in their outfits from the first movie. In other words, the way the Equestria Girls dolls should have been from the very beginning. Their faces are still weirdly generic, and there are still no proper wings on the pegasi, but it at least seems like Hasbro is putting forth some effort to learn from their mistakes, so it's a symbolic victory.
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If you're interested, here are the other ponies from the Pony Mania collection, which are just as weird if not weirder.
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I bet fluffle puff would looooovvve this!
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