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Purdsez Bug Mag

Best Purdsez.
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A true masterpiece. 
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This is what happens when goliad (adventure time) eats big Mac
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Watch. It'll be canon one day too
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Princess Poo-brain?
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Alright Ice King, I know you're in that Princess Big Mac costume, you can't do the same thing twice
BirthdayCakeCutie's avatar
Lol Adventure Time mix Big MacIntosh(Alicorn) xD xD xD
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adventure time + mlp + this
ABronyAccount's avatar
xXBLITZyXx's avatar
Oh my God, my poor pony
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Heh'z byoot'fl. BESD PURDSEZ EVR :-D)) <-[those are double chins btw]
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Congrats girl: you made canon!
This princess is whack.

He has poo brain.
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Literally BIG Mac!
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Hurr hurr hur hurrrrr!Laughing 
Finn, I think we need to kill the horse.
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