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Bring me EVERYPONY!!!!
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I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that's not the shape of my Hoof ;)
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I loved this movie, Though never really thought to envision it with RD and scoots.
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bring me evreypony so I can kill them all. THEN I'll BE THE WINNER!
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Scootaloo: hay sis what's wrong?
RD: I just robbed a bank and a garden and the guards are after me: so I may as we'll head first to the moon before celestial finds out!
Scootaloo: oh ok, bye sis have a nice holiday!

(The plant that scootaloo's holding is one of the things Rainbow stole, and scootaloo doesn't know!)
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YES!! Oh I'm so glad to have a MLP crossover with that awesome movie!
AussieGriffin's avatar
Loved that movie. Fave.
Everypony? What do you mean, everypony?
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AH WHAT WAS THE NAMe of that movie!! I Know what you're referencing -- with the cleaner man, the Italian, and the coke!
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Who would be Stansfield? o.o
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Great movie reference.:)
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No Mares, No Fillies...
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Is this a RAINBOW FACTORY assignment?
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Haha! Scoot and Rainbow!
mongoosejack's avatar
From... Scootaloooo.......
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LOL! I only just got the reference now! You are hilarious, Pixel! "The Professional"! What'll you think of next?! :lmao:
So Spite fire is Stansfield?
vsbloom's avatar
You know, when i saw this on eqd I thought it was an actual screenshot from the show for a while*

*very long time...
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"heeey Rainbow Dash!! I'll carry your houseplant for you!"  hehe, guess I have another movie I'll have to put in my to watch list..  oooh that movie looks good too!! >_<  and I have work tonight at 10.. maybe tomorrow, after new poneh
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