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I wanted to make a timeless comic that peers into the fragile and fleeting nature of the human condition.

Instead it's about flying princess ponies. Pretty sure I made the correct choice.

UPDATE- HOLY CELESTIA ON A SEGWAY! Thank you for over 4000 favs! I have never had a piece get so much attention! I give all the credit to Princess Big Mac, clearly the best pretty alicorn princess of them all!

Also, RUN don't walk to check out Eileen Montgomery's unbelievably awesome dubbing of this comic over at her YouTube page! It's quite the best thing your ears will ever experience! [link]

For those wanting a printable version of the poster, here you go-

I'll also have free copies available at Trotcon this coming June- [link]
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Unfortunately, I hate to be a critic, but according to a book, Cadence was born a Pegasus and grew a horn upon reaching princesshood.