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Potions Lesson

This has been a rough week.  Trying to finish my backlog of pony stuff, slammed with double my project load at work, feeling down I can't make it to Babscon due to work.  The big bright spot, however, was that fantabulous Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.  It's had me smiling through the pain and singing "Hooked on a Feeling" under my breath all week!

 That said, some nights all you can think about is Guardians of the Galaxy, even with new ponies right around the corner.  Best to just roll with it.

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I think harry Trotter would have been funnier in this.
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Heh... wonderful.
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I need that recipe. I really need a Groot in my life right now. 
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I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy. It is such a good movie!
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In this movie, Guardians of the galaxy, works John C. Reilly, who is 5 in my favorite movie, "9"!
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On one hand, I'd have liked to see Groot drawn with your own unique take.  On the other, giving him a texture so reminiscent of the timber wolves actually makes him seem viable in My Little Pony!
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'groot' means 'big' in Dutch. :D
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HAhahahaha!!! Faving and saving!
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Basically I followed them..basically.
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Nice Army of Darkness reference you threw in there.
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This episode is in perfect timing with Guardians of the Galaxy! BRILLIANT COMIC! Oh and Harry Potter References FTW!
TheLondonJamJar's avatar
half-blood like in Percy Jackson

Alsjemenoubrony's avatar
Groot means big in The Netherlands
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
him and rocket racoon are the big pull for me and kiren gillium as a bold head neublua
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
hahahs brillant crossover and I am curious with what new poines
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I like the Army of Darkness reference. XD
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That my fellow wiccans, pagans, Shamans, mages, etc, is why you must always add EVERY ingredient when making a potion. As well as chanting what needs to be chanted when it needs to be chanted.

I'm practicing shamanism. so I should know
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Oh Mira, it's one of those goddamn Ents from Dark Souls.  Kill it twice!
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I love the idea that Twi has off-colour dewey decimal jokes.
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