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Ponyville Library After Dark Page 3

By PixelKitties
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Working on it a little bit at a time! Two more pages of late night hijinks.
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Please continue this comic.
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*me watching a mlp final*
Me:bad final *hits with newspaper* to much singing
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2 and a half-year later... 
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And then the library blows up, and Twilight does get a castle.
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Two more pages? Seems like no more pages.
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You posted this over a year ago. Are you going to continue it soon?
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LOL!  Please do more Twixie comics!  I can't get enough!
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meanwhile, in my home in the canterlot mountains.

me: Hey, whoever is singing back there had better shut up!! there will be no singing choruses will I'm trying to sleep!!! *fires a beam of energy through my horn."
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I miss this comic
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No hitting princess twilight!
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And Trixie saves the day again.
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why is trixie even there?
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Because there is no bed on Twilight's lawn! Thumbs up if you get the reference.
Paulisinthehouse's avatar
What is that a refrence to?
BirdOfDeStars's avatar
Know your mare. It's an ongoing fanfiction. You can find it on FIMfiction, the reference is in Trixie's chapter.
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Cutie Thumbs Up dOvOb Two Thumbs Up thumbs up emote :thumbsup: revamp :goodjob: revamp :iconmnrthumbsupplz: Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] Cool Smile 
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Excellent. Trixie now owes you her homeless beans!
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Why can't Twilight kick Trixie out XD 
XxJackalTheFennicxX's avatar
Why can't Trixie kick Twilight out?
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.. I thought the Library was Twilight's house.. 
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