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Ponyville Library After Dark Page 2

By PixelKitties
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Ponyville Library After Dark Page 1 by PixelKitties

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Ponyville Library After Dark Page 3 by PixelKitties

Working on it a little bit at a time! Two more pages of late night hijinks.
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lmao XD "what message would that send to human males ages 14 - 35" XD I CANT
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I love the Game of Thrones reference.  And I love Trixie's reaction when Twilight broke the 4th wall.
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Come season 5, Twilight's thoughts on castles have become hilarious.
PencilPonies's avatar
Second panel... rofl.
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I think that is even worse message Twily.
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Nice Twilight! You broke the fourth wall, on panel 2!
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Being a princess isn't about flying to the castles? Celestia does not approve

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Trixie: "Wat."

= My exact reaction.

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well its offical i cant do it
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I see an error!

My pootis tells me that it should be "TO BE A PRINCESS" :|
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"Oh! A Princess must be free to spread her wings! But always keep her hooves firmly on the ... "

[She receives a brick to the face]

"Keep it down, whoever you are! It's 3 AM!!!"
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So being an alicorn gives Twilight the power to break the forth wall? Awesome.
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:icondeadpoolplz::iconsaysplz:Hey, she just broke the fourth wall! That's supposed to be OUR shtick!







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:iconeddyplz: and ours! (sorry couldnt find ed or edd's icons)
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:iconspidermanplz: hay what about me? I break the fourth wall too!
iceblueflare's avatar
No you don't - unless you're talking about a certain cartoon shaped $#!+
nickthegrat's avatar
:icontwilightsparkleplz: im sorry ok it was just a one time thing ... maybe :)
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:icondeadpool--plz: :iconsaysplz: I'm keeping an eye on you. :iconsaysendplz:
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