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Pixelkitties Birthday

Every year for my birfday I like to draw a picture of my OC, and birthday number something-something is no exception! And if you're going to draw your own horse birthday, why not include beer and presents and Best Pony?

My legit bday is tomorrow and I'm celebrating with a group beer crawl culminating in renting out a movie theater to watch movies and play video games on the giant screen.  I don't take many breaks from fact, I DON'T take breaks from work so a day of being selfish and doing pointless activities sounds like a little slice of heaven!
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Happy belated birthday!
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Happy birthday!!!
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It is always good to see Best Pony... and the addition of Trixie is always welcome as well.  As the kids used to say: "totes adorbz!"
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Happy B-day! :happybounce: 
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Very cool. Keep up the tradition.
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Haaaappy birthday!! Pinkie Pie Haters gonna hate Pinkie pie (i win) plz Out of context [Pinkie Pie] 
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Hope you enjoyed your birthday, PK!
Happy Birthday Pixelkitties 
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Happy Birthday Pixel!  Many thanks for all the awesome, that you are.
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I approve of this image.
Happy Birthday!
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Everything is so pretty and wonderful and I love it! Happy birthday!
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Ayeee, happy birthday tomorrow Pixel, have yourself a great one! 
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Hope your something-something birthday is a good one! 🎂 🍻 🎮
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Happy Birthday to you. I wish a positive day for you tomorrow.
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Happy birthday! :cake: :party:
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happy birthday!!!!!!! Feliz navidad!!!!! Happy Birthday ja!!!!!!! Drink vodka on your Day of Birth!!!!! Wi wi, happy birthday!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!~ :3
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday! I hope you have fun!:D (Big Grin) 
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Oh your a trixie fan?  (happy birthday) i just received a trixie pic from my artist I'd be glad to share it with you via pm if you'd like.
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