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Pet Smarts Comic

Dear, Hasbro. Derpy’s pet is ED-209 now. Make it happen.

EDIT- Hoo boy! I was afraid people would be concerned about Applejack and Winona's absence from the comic!

AJ WAS originally in my script for the comic, but with all the ponies and pets, it was taking forever to simply finish the first panel. Twilight's librizzle was also becoming overcrowded with characters and word balloons.

Applejack didn't have any lines- she and Winona were just in the background like Fluttershy and Angel- so I decided to save myself the time and trouble of having to draw yet another pony and drop her from the comic.

But have no fear! I'm sure Applejack and Winona are just fine and dandy, no doubt busy over at the farm!

If you'd like to read all about it, here's a link to the original script I wrote up for this comic, Applejack and all!
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That patch pun is brilliant
why is rarity flirting with the doc
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Thats not RD maybe a clone of her the real is stone
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Uuuh...why are some of the things they're saying not fitting? Rarity says something unfitting, Dash says something too far, and....ok?
"Loyal as a puppy." LOL
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Rainbow Dash has a pet turtle named Tank, now.
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I just now noticed the weeping angel in the first frame.
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And the statuette of the Dark God Cthulhu...
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i always try but i cant make my oc i first made it in lego and now i try to draw BUT I CANT Cry emote :cheer up hug: :cry: 
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I'll make your oc if you tell me the details =)
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She could have at least gone with a battlemech or a Titan...
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WOW derpy's pet is ED 209 cool
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Prove with a Cat Beast? 9 stuff, sorry XD
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Applejack is way better staying at the farm, I think. 
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Only Derpy would have a pet battlebot. (I have no clue what it actually is, so I'm sticking with this.)
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I thinks its that big robot (ed?) from robocop
StormAlchemist15's avatar
meh, seems legit. I have no bucking clue, so it might be both.
(pardon my language)
I'm sure I have seen this on a T-shirt "hand over the muffins, you have 20 seconds to comply"
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Must... Not.... Blink.....
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