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Oh what a Nightmare Night!



Since Nightmare Nights Dallas is officially started, here's the full, giant size puzzle of VIP pics!

Starting from the upper left-

Top Row
Natasha Levinger (as Hermoine Granger), Marÿke Hendrikse as Gilda (dressed as Sonata Dusk) and Sonata Dusk (as The Taco Ballerina), Ishi Rudell (as Tetsuo from Akira) with Princess Twilight (as Kaneda)

Middle Row
Heather Breckel (as Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening) with Trixie (as Anna), Josh Haber as a Pickle with powered up EQG Twilight and Sunset, Katrina Hadley (as Imperitor Furiosa from Mad Max) with Pinkie Pie (as Immortan Joe)

Bottom Row
Cathy Weseluck as Spike The Dragon (as Shaggy from Scooby Doo) Spike the Dog (as Scooby Doo) and Coco Pommel (as Velma), Jenn Blake (as Zatanna) with Applebloom (as Ghoulia Yelps from Monster High) and Sweetie Belle (as The Green Lantern), Kazumi Evans as Octavia (as The Weeping Angel from Doctor Who) Adagio Dazzle (as Professor River Song) and Moondancer (as The Eleventh Doctor)

WHEW!  I think that covers everything!

THANK YOU to everyone involved for the suggestions and costume requests.  It was crazy fun!  And the biggest THANK YOU to Mr. Kitties for all his help and patience while I hid away in my office all night working on this beast!  I love my Mr. Kitties!!!!


I'll upload a metric ton of assets and things for you to use in this image soon!

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