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Nuka Classy Quantum

I will have a new decorative soda bottle available at Canterlot Gardens next weekend, and this is one I've been looking forward to for a long time!

Nuka Classy Quantum is the newest and final (at least so far as this year) in the Gummy Classy Cola product line. Featuring the entire contents of a sugarcane field and thousands of delicious calories; Gummy Alligator is proud to present another Fallout-themed beverage to tempt your palate and burn away thirst with delicious and healthy radiation!

These bottles will be a bit more expensive than the others I'll have available at Canterlot as Nuka Classy Quantum is a bit more difficult to procure AND each bottle comes complete with a lighted coaster for that authentic warm, glowing, warming glow!
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Gummy approves.
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Awwww…Gummy you and your smile are so adorable! :3
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*gasp* I see gummy! :) haha cute
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FUCK, I want one... The only thing I'd change is the plastic wrap to a clear PEG plastic. Besides that It's my favorite pixelkitties soda thing as a prop. Swell beyond measure!
sonic500's avatar
Why do I think if you drink this it whould make your head exploud....
Ill buy two!!!
Yall going to be selling any of these at Unicon?
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Oh please have these at EFNW '13, please, please.
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Holy BALLS that looks deliciously energizing!
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Darn, I just fixed that tile floor the other day, but this made my jaw drop so hard that I don't really care. This is amazing! All of these Fallout things are! How do I get my hands on one of these now?
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Recommended by radiologists!
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Ok if I emptied the drink could I fill it up with a drinkable drink and drink it?
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.....did you just take a Nuka Quantum and re label it?
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OMG!!! GET MY BITS!!! GET ALL OF MY BITS!!!! ''throws bits at screen''
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Take the leap. Enjoy a Classy Quantum.
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Truly classy... and so Fallout.
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what do these go for? Is the drink an actual drink or colored sugar water? Well done though :)
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I want some now
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The drink that BRIGHTENS your day. ;-)
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I didn't know you were selling these! DX if I could have, I would have bought one from you online! ;~;
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