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Nuka Classy Cola

I had planned to upload this last night with the rest of my Fallout-inspired posters and stuff. Then my internet pooped the bed! Thanks Comcast!

A spiritual successor to this thing I made almost a year ago.
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The phrase: "Only commies recycle" actually got me to laugh.
gideongraves's avatar
I really kind of want this on a water bottle. >.>
OriginalVieral's avatar
considering strapping a printing of this onto a Jones soda bottle... but I want to do Sparkle cola RAD... :'(
Maddog3060's avatar
The only cola banned by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
madman12000's avatar
hbk436's avatar
Damn, it's been almost a year already?
Time goes by so fast, my friend. :)
DMN666's avatar
IDK why but im thinking of Perk-a-colas now.
ThomasKimbler's avatar
Oy-vey... I love fallout. Been doing way to much research into it. Bloody funny how many things are just copied from movies and such.

But about this wrapper. This is hilarious. I, an outspoken anti-christ commie killer, absolutley love the "only commie's recycle" bit. Especially because I say it, I don't mean it, but it's funny. The vault jumper is there, 963 got my jib. This all together is a swell little thing, I love it.
ThaddeusC's avatar
Are you planning on doing Nuka Cola Quantum and Vitory labels too?
anzul's avatar
hahahhaha XD
dat "nutrition" facts
SergeantBuck's avatar
If there is ever a Fallout: Equestria game, you should do the art for the posters and loading screens! In fact, art for everything!
DemonPanther's avatar
Nine hundred and sixty f***ing three calories???
*smashes nearest bottle of nuka classy cola* :iconraageplz:
SticktheFigure's avatar
I think my favourite part is the mention of sieverts.
I love people who actually know the measurement for rads.
saturnspace's avatar
this is my winner!
IzzaHart's avatar
I am going to print this off and glue it to a bottle and you'll see how epic it will look :D THIS IS AMAZING AND BRILLIANT!!!
Charlesdeleroy's avatar
I agree with this label.

Only commies recycle! *sets everything on fire!* CO2 rocks! >:3
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nickman983's avatar
963 calories per bottle? Damn that's some healthy cola!
Alarmed-Llama's avatar
Flavor has units?!?
BOTDF-lovurr19's avatar
Hahahahahahaha!!!! Love it! ;)
Kyoshyu's avatar
DashBoardSatan's avatar
Sodium - Dead Sea
That's a lot of Sodium.
freeflyingwolf's avatar
Only commies recycle is the best.
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