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Nightmare Nights Request- Peter New

An up-close look at Peter New's latest autograph card in the biggie sized Nightmare Nights Dallas series.

I love doing work for Peter- he's just awesome all around and always has great input as to Big Mac's adventures!  This time, since Nightmare Nights is taking place in the Lone Star State, he asked for Cowboy Mac.  Since the hard-working Apple brother has been a hit with the ladies in the Big Mac spotlight comic series, I thought the combination of Braeburn's style and Big Mac's natural farm charm would make him the toast of the Nightmare Night festival!  Also, I'll take any excuse to draw Carrot Top/Golden Harvest in her adorbs devil outfit!

I don't know if the 80s valley girl pony has an official name, but I love her color scheme and sass!
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HaHeHo's avatar
This is so hilarious! La la la la 
Kyoshyu's avatar
He's quite fashionable for Nightmare Night. :)
GamziMakr's avatar
...and all the girls are like, oh he's so cool! 
templar127's avatar
He's got them mares!
DoughnutJoe's avatar
All the mares are jealous of the special somepony that will get Mac's extra candy apple.

They don't realize he bought them both for himself. :)
supernova708's avatar
all the swooning
DeJiKo07's avatar
Wow! The mares are swooning at the sight of Big Mac's apples! :P much hate
thecanadianpie's avatar
my....such large apples
mistypine01's avatar
Excellent art, PK.
Lightman9000's avatar
Big Mac isn't being very creative! He's just wearing his cousin's clothes. :P
mangobaka's avatar
They say she's named Turf but not sure how accurate that name is...
Floriskunst's avatar
"..Just look at those apples!"
Battleaxx900's avatar
Didn't you know? Big Macintosh gets all the mares. ALL OF THEM.
DestinyDecade's avatar
Eeyup! That there's lovely.
somekindahatebreeder's avatar
woooo looking good Bic Mac ;3
Amana07's avatar
As always, nicely done PK. 
ThunderStormin's avatar
all them mares throw themselves at his hooves :P
AhAintThatBad's avatar
That's the cutest!
CRWithers's avatar
should put fleetfoot (from the comics)  in the back ground still stalking him =P
timfortune9's avatar
Incoming Fleetfoot...
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