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Nightmare Nights Request- M.A. Larson

I don't believe I can fly.  I don't belieIE-IE-IEve in least the auto-tuned Cher kind.  And I'm certainly not a Bieber Belieber.  But I do believe in M.A. Larson!  And I guess he believe in me enough to ask for some tiny horse art and an OC character!

Here's Monsieur Larson, God-Emporer of Bat Ponies and a fan.   Apparently everypony thinks they can be an alicorn these days!

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Godzilla278's avatar
she got looked great 👍🏻
Flimflanboy's avatar
He's gonna need a lot of those artificial wings.
xXOffOnATangentXx's avatar
Trixie is too cute :meow:
Hamster-Overlord's avatar
At first I thought Twilight was dressed as Trixie, and then I realized she already had a costume. And then I noticed the cutie mark and wings. XD
Sepperlover's avatar
LOL of course Trixie's costume is Princess Twilight XD
Masonisnotthatnice's avatar
Looks like somewhat like my OC good work!Clapping Pony Icon - Nightmare Moon 
SoundWaveandLuna's avatar
Trixie is killing me XD
Kyoshyu's avatar
(Oh God, autotune.)

I see Trixie is looking up. :D (In the sense that she still want to be great and powerful.)
Caritze's avatar
is that.... trixie? :3
NexeL-Arts's avatar
Wrong style Trix.  Everypony knows that Twi's mane is rainbow shaped!!  And the cardboard wings?  LOL I could have come up with better wings than that.  But hey, at least she got the eye color and skin color down. lol
Fensy's avatar
LOL nice try Trixie:XD:
Princessfluttrshy184's avatar
Trixie! master of disguise
AskMikuandLuka101's avatar
Lol! Trixie's costume is pro! :icontrixieumadplz:
templar127's avatar
Dat Trixie's paper wings!
Krash42's avatar
Now M.A.Larson has an OC...
DeJiKo07's avatar
MA Larson looks awesome as a batpony!
like the..thing hes wearing
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
Weasgotu89's avatar
what does the armor says?
I can only read: Nightmare - Luna no more?
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