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Nightmare Nights Request- Cat

My friend :iconcatwhitney: is not only one of my favorite artists , but she has my favorite OC, the adorable Sleepy Skies!

Cat is tireless in helping folks run their booths and autograph tables.  Oftentimes people will ask for her autograph while she's sitting next to Sibsy or Andrea or folks associate with the show.  We joked it would be fun for her to have her own autograph card for such occasions.  I decided to include her in my giant panorama pic for that reason- and to give me a little extra space to round out the mane 6 cameos and Derpy!

Sleepy is dressed in Max's wolf pajamas and crown from Where The Wild Things Are.  Dash is Gary King from The World's End while AJ is Sgt Nicolas Angel from Hot Fuzz.  Rarity is lovlier and more fashion-aware version of Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula while Derpy is...well, Derpy!

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I love Rarity's costume here so much. She looks very elegant in it.
Do you have a vector for it?
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The references, haha!
matty4z's avatar
daaaw sleepy cloud is so cute :3

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And this here is just so awesome. She rightfully deserves her own autograph card. Well done.
floppygiraffe's avatar
I want to see applejack's face when dashes cider comes splashing down on her lol!
CatWhitney's avatar
I love this sooooooooooooo much! Thank you forever!!
Dragon101k's avatar
Applejack's mad without her hat... <--I think it rymes...
mistypine01's avatar
Excellent art, PK. They look so awesome in their costumes.
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Sergeant Nicolas Applejack is looking sternly for perpetrators at these festivities. Rarcula is showing Old World style, whilst Dashy King is sporting World's End style. Sleepy Skies is getting ready to sleep. And Derpy is the Great Pumpkin, what a pity Linus is missing it again.
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Dashie is the King! ALL MY YES!
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Derpy is Derpy!  A truer sentence could never be made! :D
S3rb4n's avatar
Constable AJ Angel. LOL.
FrozenBat's avatar
Very nice work :)
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