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Nightmare Nights Request- Brenda Crichlow



I am privileged to get a number of requests from VAs and show staff for autograph cards they can sign at their table for conventions.  It's really sweet and always a fun- if slightly intimidating- challenge.  For the upcoming Nightmare Nights in Dallas TX it started with Peter New and Andrea Libman as usual.  Then the list just kept on growing to every guest on the roster!  Since it was bound to be such a big event, I thought I would try something really ambitious and make 12 separate images that when combined form one giant panoramic scene!  "This will be fun," thought I.

Well, it WAS fun.  But it was also a metric ton of work and two weeks of late or all night sessions of photoshoppery.  In the end, I think it was totes worth the effort!

I'll be posting the 12 images and their final Voltron form leading up to next Thursday when I'm leaving on a jetplane for Nightmare Nights.  The first pic was the third request, the incredibly talented and incredibly, unbelievably nice Brenda Crichlow as Zecora!  

If you want this pic, and better yet, this pic with Brenda's way-more important autograph, you're going to have to join me in Dallas next weekend!
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Ooooh. See, Zecora can be eye-catchy too.