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Nightmare Nights 2013



UPDATED- Fixed a bunch of weird little glitches.  Unfortunately that's what happens when a giant image grows rather than follows a plan!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Happy happy Halloween, everyone!  Or Nightmare Night, if you're of the four-legs-and-hooves variety! 

Here's the full-size version of the interlinked autograph cards I made for My Little Pony voice actors, staff, and friends attending Nightmare Nights in Dallas next weekend.  I was intending to release it closer to the convention but...well heck, it's Halloween!  There's no better time than now!

The full, panoramic pic is made up of 9 separate images featuring show characters (for the VAs) and OCs (for the show staff)

Top Row, starting from the top left- Peter New/Big Macintosh, Andrea Libman/Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy, Brenda Crichlow/Zecora

Middle Row from the left- GM Berrow (author of the MLP official novels), MA Larson (MLP FIM writer and Lord of the Bats), Big Jim Miller (MLP FIM storyboard supervisor/artist)

Bottom Row from the left- Nightmare Nights gold level attendee special pic, Cat Whitney (my good friend who asked for a NMN pic), and last but certainly never least; Jayson Thiessen (MLP FIM supervising director and Pirate Dad)
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rw:love all the refs in this pic.^_^