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Nicole Oliver- Galacon Autograph Pic

Galacon!  HOLY SUN BUTT!  It's just a couple weeks away and I'm moderately freaking out!

Galacon's theme this year is Vidya Games, so prepare for some gaming parodies mixed with ponies and awesomely awesome show staff.

First up, if you'll be joining me in Ludwigsburg the weekend of August 2nd, you can pick up Princess Celestia as Princess Zelda at the incredible (and incredibly talented) Nicole Oliver's autograph table!  Once she signs it, be sure and hold the picture over your head triumphantly while singing the Zelda power-up tune. 

UPDATE- I went back and forth concerning whether her wings should be visible.  At first I decided to keep them covered, but many folks have mentioned it and now I tend to agree.  Viva la coulisses!
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If I knew in advanced I would have used my big sisters ocarina
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I kinda wanna make a custom pony with this as the reference...
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Thank you for the wonderful art you did for the Galacon 2014 It was fun and I hope you had fun! ~Buttstallion at Galacon~
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Been there done that!
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This is so awesome! I love how it all turned out. :+fav: She looks so pretty.
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Haz a copy :3 
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The Legend of Celestia
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i'm so angry about this. First of celestia is a jackass which dosn't fit for kind and generous zelda. Secondly it would work better with luna and finally your artwork is awesome it's hard to stay mad at you pixel
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What do how against Celestia? I think she's underrated and way better than her overrated sister. 
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long ago I always kind of had it in for her because of certain episode and I never expressed my thoughts clearly or really thought about why I was angry about it.

I've thankfully learned how to think about situations, but I'm sorry that you saw this old side of me. No one should be the blunt of my bitchy drama queen attitude XD
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Thanks man. Sorry if I went too depressing. Back then I really was odd and angry. Mlp was the first fandom where I expressed myself (way too much I would say XD) So I really had to learn the hard way on how things work between fans.

I'm a bit better on that now, but I'm glad there are people who do recognize when I did go off the wagon since it helps me contemplate :) 
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I'm glad to hear it ^u^
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because luna is wise sweet and awesome, thats why
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true, i guess i was on my whole i'm going to use the wedding episode to hate celestia forever mood, since she doesn't seem to do alot except in lesson 0 and is weak alot of the time. i guess i just perfer it on luna
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What's bad on the Wedding episode? Because she lost?
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a bit. i don't why it's kinda hard to explain why she irks me alot , but if you like her thats cool. she has her redeeming qualities though i can't think of any on the fly. To be honest this comment was mad A LONG time ago, when i didn't know how to analyaze a character before accusing them of shit
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badly-spelled swearing + page full of creeptastic AND stolen Sonic The Hedgehog fanart / 13 years old = hide comment

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