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Nicole Oliver/ Celestia Ice Bucket Challenge



The Ice Bucket Challenge is a cool thing, quite literally.  It does my heart good that so many folks are using it to raise awareness AND much needed funds to fight ALS, which I've always simply known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  It makes me a bit sad that there are a few folks who have picked up on it as more of a trend than a way to raise money for a deadly and debilitating illness.  Videos with folks just kind of showing off and having fun while hardly (or not at all) mentioning the impetus behind it or the need to follow up challenges with donations. 

Nicole Oliver, the lovely and majestic voice of Princess Celestia did done dood it right this weekend at BronyCan, raising $1000 for ALS!  When she told me what she was planning I offered to make a picture for the auction and event.  I also made one more donation on top of the previous couple.  Because if you're going to roll with the Princess of Equestria, you gotta up your philanthropy game!

If you're up to Princess Celestia's challenge, then visit and please make a donation.  $5, $10, $1000 it doesn't matter.  Every bit helps.  
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This is a great picture! And that was a great idea to raise money for ALS research