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Nicole Oliver Babscon Autograph Card

Over the past two weeks my nights and weekends have been consumed by making lots and lots of autograph cards for the MLP cast and crew attending Babscon 2014.  It's been fun- if a bit harrowing.  Making art for Princess Celestia- no pressure there!  

The convention is just a few weeks away, April 18-20th.  It's looking to be the biggest event of the year with an incredible guest lineup.  

If you're in the bay area or have any way to get there- DO IT!  Don't miss out- BabsCon is going to be huge-normous! 

PS- The incredible Nicole Oliver does so many voices for so many great characters I couldn't possible fit them all in one picture.  Have a look at her Behind The Voice Actors Page and be astounded!

UPDATE- Per request, updated with full version, sans text.
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Zoe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Celestia/Cheerilee
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I got her to autograph this at bronycon 2015 :) she's really nice 
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Awww, cute Zoey :3
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yep... i knew i recognized that voice when i heard Zoe Trent on the first episode of Littlest Pet Shop
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Celestia: Have we met before?
Zoe: Don't think so, but now that you mention it, your voice does remind me of someone, but just can't put my paw on it.
Celestia: Peculiar, I was thinking the same about you.
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had Mrs. Oliver sign this at BABScon! =D
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Zoe Trent looks like Twilight
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Aww, look at adorable little Zoe Trend. :heart: Nice image.
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Cute and cool at the same time!
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XD Celestia looking at Trent hehe oh man, too funny!!
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I was there, and I got a photo with her.  She was amazing.  That was the best part of my trip.
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UGH I had one of those! D: IN MY HANDS here at BABSCon after getting it from Nicole Oliver....5 minutes after, me being a dumb distracted idiot misplace it cause I put inside my schedule catalog, never to be seen it again. ;___; That card was so awesome...then I loose it like an idiot. ><
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If memory serves me correctly along with Celestia, I enjoyed Miss Oliver's role as Starling from 'Storm Hawks' and Regene Regetta & Holly Smirnov from 'Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season'! :D And Katejina Loos from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and 3! Nice work! :D
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I was not aware she played Cheerilee. Huh.
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How is this bullshit? not to be mean or anything...
I just want to know why...
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It's not supposed to be! this is cartoons! and if you didn't like this, then why did you view it? huh?
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2 judging jerks is what they r.
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