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My Name Is Derp

By PixelKitties
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All I'm going to say is that when I watched today's episode of My Little Pony, entitled The Last Roundup, I lost my shit.

In all seriousness, my shit is now lost.

Today was a landmark moment for all things pony!

Have some stuff!

PS- Today marks the first time I've ever been able to use "European Banking Systems" as a tag.

Edit- Bronies and Pegasisters...there's no need to fight over the names Derpy and Ditzy. I've always preferred Derpy, and nothing would ever change that. I know many, many fans still prefer Ditzy, and nothing will ever change that either.

We are fully within our rights as fans and awesome individuals to keep the faith with whatever name, characterization, and fanon/canon we prefer. There's no need to fight about it! It's all good in the bronyhood!

Edit No. 2- For those of you in who actually live in Eastern Europe, the awesome :iconmammoh: provides us with a super-sweet translation!
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I hope you understand they changed her name to muffin. I'm sorry sorry
Actually, judging from the card game. they've decided to simply refuse to name her at all anymore.
sparkles246789's avatar
its not called being gay, its alled being FABLOUS
StormAlchemist15's avatar
And you can take that comment to the bank.
Kaiserholt's avatar
She's Here, She's Derpy...Get Over It!
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forgot the XD

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In all honesty, I think of Derpy as her nickname and her real name to be Ditzy Doo. And when I first saw that episode on Netflix (obviously the edited version), I kinda liked the voice change over the original voice. I don't think of her as stupid; I see her as more of a random and clumsy Pony. (Heck, in "A Friend Indeed", she's in a flippin' snow globe! XD)
PineyCreek's avatar
Ah Derpy, you have an awesome name, single mother, and you have a good feel of the Euro crisis. No wonder you're a fan favorite.
RABBI-TOM's avatar
And Sadly Hasbro effectively neutered Derpy in voice and name since.

Thank God for that Target DVD, that episode is still intact!!
I'd like to think that Derpy is Ditzy's nickname.
Centaur71's avatar
See ponies? she's cross-eyed, NOT stupid; HA!
YesImDeadpool's avatar
A very nice fuck you to Derpy-hating soccer moms! ^^
Yukifall's avatar
Do you think you'll need help finding that shit? I've got a couple of shit finding dogs if you need 'em.///////
xmasskills's avatar
this is relevant and awesome
alittleofsomething's avatar
What? Latvia? WTH O__O
jamjam1993's avatar
what about her name is ditzy and her friends call her derpy ? just saying
charcoal-feather's avatar
Posting this to the save derpy tumblr if you don't mind. We need some joy brought back to the cause.
TheLeadFarmer's avatar
I get people saying that rainbow dash just nick named ditzy as "derpy", but until another episode where she is referred to...
Derpy flippin' Hooves!
Nachalnik's avatar
I'll call her Ditzy if I damn well want to.
Nopony said you can't.
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