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My Little Pony CCG- Hearts Desire Card

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Published: March 13, 2014
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The cat is out of the bag over on the Enterplay Facebook Page!  

I designed the Hearts Desire CCG  image based on Rob's vision and idea!  We went back and forth with several versions (mostly background varients) to evoke the right imagery.

It's a super-shiny and rare foil card and the only non-screencap card in the 1st edition set.

For some reason, recreating MLP-style plants and flowers is a personal favorite for me.   A totally fun project to work on and everyone at Enterplay is super sweet and awesome!  
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HolyOrdersOtakuStudent Writer
This is totally a refference to black lotus, isn't it?
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
PsychoYellowDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes it is!
AffinityShy's avatar
AffinityShy Filmographer
The plants in MLP have such appealing designs. Given how great this looks, I can tell you had fun with it. Lovely work! ^_^
Tauntalus's avatar
TauntalusHobbyist Traditional Artist
hooray for the M:tG reference on the card! I probably won't get into the card game, but I am glad you got to put your artwork on not only one, but two cards! congrats!
StraySheep13's avatar
StraySheep13Hobbyist Writer
Ya know, it's funny. The first and ONLY booster pack that I bought as a joke to slip into my Magic: The Gathering deck had this card in it.
Didn't expect it to have been drawn by PixelKitties. Good job once again!
Sweet-karem's avatar
Sweet-karemStudent Digital Artist
so cute ^^
BBBL-ALAM's avatar
BBBL-ALAMStudent Digital Artist
OMG I got one!!!!!! I got this Card Holo! so awesome!
TrueMadayar's avatar


Okay. Didn't really want to get one. Now I HAVE to.
SuperPeasentNajeeb's avatar
Too cool!!

Lovin the CCG and now I know PixelK designed a card!!
LesserZ's avatar
I pulled this card from a pack tonight. First glimpse of it made me think Black Lotus. Then read the text, and yup. The card game is still new, in time this card will get broken and banned. I was really wanting to pull a Nightmare Moon, but excited when I saw this one. Great artwork.
KagomeHanami's avatar
KagomeHanamiStudent General Artist
At this point, it's definitely broken xD my friends and I have found a pretty good loop to continuously use this card. Basically we use it, we have another card that brings it back, and.. well.. such a broken; repeated cycle. The amount of action tokens you get can vary, because there's actually 2 methods to doing this. 
Unfortunately, they're not going to ban cards in this game, but they have talked about putting limitations on them.
pokemonslayer1's avatar
I'm wondering wether the lotus blossom quote was a reference to the magic card the black lotus :I
bflatjeff's avatar
Awesome, pixel! Hope they ask you to do the Poison Joke card too, although there are plenty screenshots for that.
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Ah, Hearts Desire. The cause for the Cutie Pox. Tsk tsk, not to be taken raw on its own, as Apple Bloom found out the hard way.
GraphiteHeart's avatar
GraphiteHeartStudent Traditional Artist
XD  cute!
Xeluu's avatar
XeluuHobbyist General Artist
Oh hey! My friend has that card! Very cool to realize it was your work in the ccg!
Amana07's avatar
Amana07Hobbyist Writer
Gratz on the image PK.  Hope to see some more great works from you!
IronBrony's avatar
IronBronyHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's excellent, congrats!
OWAtheone's avatar
Wow... it even has "Black" "Lotus" in its description. XD
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
It was my first UR card I found so far, along with Screwy, Twilight & Zecora
A fan's dream come true to have their art accepted as official art...wow, just wow...
hfbn2's avatar
hfbn2Student Digital Artist
Wow, you made this? That's amazing, really cool to see something from you in the official card game! :D
I actually opened mine like a week ago, now knowing that you made the artwork makes it so much cooler :)
The art itself is beautiful, but seeing it as a foil makes it look even better, so shiny! :la:
AsaharuTatsumi's avatar
AsaharuTatsumiHobbyist Digital Artist
haha neat! I don't have one but now I kinda do haha.
Star-of-Twilight's avatar
Star-of-TwilightHobbyist General Artist
Oh wow! I wish I had gotten one! Totally cool for you, and super wonderful for everyone who gets one.
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